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Client background

Temple Grill is a family restaurant in Warri, Nigeria. They offer tasty and quality meals such as pizza, sandwich, Burger, food as well as chilled drinks with eat in, take away and delivery options.

What we did

Staff ID card
Award plague

Client insight

Temple Grill needed to create award plague to honor their best employee of the month in recognition and appreciation of the outstanding performance, contribution and dedication, and identity cards for their staff to simplify employee identification, and enhance the company's integrity and security.

Our solution

We partnered with Temple Grill to produce award plague and frame with 3D glitter finishing to honor their best employee for the month of March, 2021 for her performance and dedication to duty, and also produce their staff identity cards to simplify employee and customer identification, enhance the company's integrity and security.

temple grill id staff card design
Staff ID card designs
temple grill award plague
Branded award plague
temple grill frame
Branded photo frame - complementary gift
Temple Grill staff of duty

The Result

The projects was a success, the award plague presentation was well received by the Temples Grill's Staff of the month, as it serves as a token of acknowledgement and appreciation of staff commitment to duty. This event boosted the entire staff morals and dedication to the vission and mission of Temple Grill.

The ID Cards also made it easier for customers to identify Temples Grill's Staff in and around the restaurant, thereby increasing the brand awareness and eliminating misrepresentation.

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